Born Dead

by J-Merk & B.B.Z Darney

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"Take a 40+ minute journey into the mind, heart and soul...of a living zombie...a creature looked down upon by societies "standards of living"...a corrupt system set in place to oppress it's people, and rob them of their livelihood...take a look around you, what do you see? People walking around the city aimlessly without a communication, no poise or identity... Everyone is the same...(walking dead) physically alive and functioning, but mentally and spiritually dead to the world around them...maybe you live in the "ghetto"? maybe you live in a really nice place?...wherever it may's all the same, we are all the same regardless of ethnicity, identity, background or occupation ...we were conceived of pleasure and deceit...and 9 months later born deceased with vaccines of evil...we still breathe but cease to exist...everyday living to die, but still trying to avoid the inevitable...maybe there's a cure for this disease? Maybe there isn't...regardless... It's spreading at a rapid rate....ASK YOURSELF! will you fall victim to this illness? or will you stand up and fight for what you believe in? Whatever you chose in this perceived "reality" we call "life" and death co-exist in perfect unison, a new chapter of our saga is just right around the corner...Carpe diem my friends..the beginning of the end is near..may the force of life be with you all.."
(To be continued....)

The rapper and producer of hip hop known as J-Merk has released his latest LP album, "Born Dead." The full-length record has been proudly published on the Just-Us Music independent label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. It comprises approximately 40 minutes of heavy-hitting urban poetry and powerful back beats in 13 original tracks. In addition to the rhymes of J-Merk, himself, "Born Dead" also features the talents of popular Swedish producer BBZ Darney. Neck-deep in groove, socially poignant and strikingly well-written, "Born Dead" by J-Merk is sure to be remembered as one of the most important indie rap releases of 2015.

Asked to cite some main musical influences, J-Merk writes that his music is informed by "The '60s and '70s eras of art, and the late '90s / early-2000s era of music – specifically 2001. Lots of amazing rap albums and metal albums were released that year, records that had a major impact. Hip hop and heavy metal influenced me, too, as well as politics and also pop culture."The remarkably immersive, extremely well-orchestrated music of "Born Dead" creates a kaleidoscopic backdrop against which J-Merk delivers his lines. This swirling blend of music and samples forms a large part of the undeniable draw of "Born Dead," a record which comes out of the gate swinging and doesn't let up. Still, it is the razor-sharp writing and seemingly perfect flow of J-Merk's rap which truly steals the limelight.

Commenting on the themes of his new LP, J-Merk writes, "This album is conceptual. It's about life in a modern age, an age ruled by manipulation via TV, the radio, and smart phones. People walk the streets like zombies without communicating with each other ... Science failed us in a way. People are connected more than ever, yet we can't even have conversations with people over the phone, ha ha!"

Like every other phrase painstakingly crafted to a 'T' on his new album, the title is also significant. "It's like we are all born dead now," writes the artist, invoking the name of his record, "every day living to die. [My album's] about being numb and living with hurt and pain and moving on. It's about life and culture in today's society." While a great many hip-hop mixtapes are dropped to which a broad variety of people do not necessarily relate, "Born Dead" speaks a message fans of any genre can understand, a record in which anybody can find personal meaning.

J-Merk writes, "Many people have been let down by our government, or by people they trust. It's an album about being born dead in today's society – a wasteland almost, ha ha. I make music for all the people in the world without a voice or artistic ability to express themselves. I make music for the voiceless people of our generation."

J-Merk is a 25-year-old rap artist born and raised in Chicago. He has been writing rap lyrics since the age of 12 and producing music in the studio since the age of 15. Since that time he has worked with multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producers, as well as with many talented and established rap artists from all over the world. His debut EP appeared in 2012. "Born Dead" is only one of several official releases slated to drop from J-Merk in 2015.

-Sean M


released February 17, 2015

all beats, mixing/song arrangement and album art by: BBZ Darney
guest artist on this album include: Kid Fade (of PsychWard) & Dreamtek of (7oddz) on the song "pearly gates", and uMaNg on the song: "verbal vendetta"...all other songs are written, performed and recorded by: J-Merk from July-Oct of 2014 all cuts performed on this album are courtesy of: DJPhilogic...

executive produced by: J-Merk,

J-Merk appears courtesy of "Just-Us Music" (all rights reserved)





J-MERK Chicago, Illinois

professional hiphop / rock music, straight out of chicago..

i have worked with people from all over the globe...

from my computer, to YOUR IPOD! enjoy!

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